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about the Alexandra Institute

Ole Lehrmann Madsen, professor of computer science and managing director of the Alexandra Institute Ltd.


The members of the Institute represent a wide spectrum of the Danish and international corporate sector, research and educational institutions as well as public authorities.

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The name

The Alexandra Institute has been given its name in honour of Princess Alexandra, partly inspired by a similar Swedish institute named the Viktoria Institute. However, the Viktoria Institute is not named after the Swedish heir to the throne. It was originally located on Viktoriagatan (Viktoria Street) 13 in Gothenburg.


Annual report 09-10 (pdf)

Research-based limited company

The Alexandra Institute is a research-based limited company that bridges the gap between the IT corporate sector, research and education.
The Alexandra Institute is based in the IT City of Katrinebjerg.

The objective of the Institute is to participate in creating innovation in the corporate sector based on research results as well as providing researchers and students with an opportunity of testing their theories and ideas in practice and get inspiration through concrete collaboration projects with the companies.

Research-based knowledge service

The Alexandra Institute represents the direct collaboration between research environments and the corporate sector. The services provided by the Institute are called “research-based knowledge services”. This comprises joint research and development projects, research networks and dissemination of information, e.g. courses, seminars, workshops and conferences. Furthermore, the Alexandra Institute provides consultancy services. All the services are based on the latest results within Danish and international IT research.


–The Alexandra Institute is a unique collaboration within the IT area and since the start in 1999 we have established ourselves as the country’s leading bridge builder and innovator in the field between IT research and the corporate sector.

–We create a close and constructive collaboration between visionary, adaptable companies and researchers with a profound knowledge of IT development. Our foundation is the internationally recognised IT research that takes place in and around the IT City of Katrinebjerg, for instance within software development, user interface and computer supported cooperative work.

–We open the doors to the researchers’ laboratories and give the companies access to commercially interesting research. At the same time researchers and students get the opportunity to test new theories and ideas in practice and get inspiration for new ways of presenting problems.

– Ole Lehrmann Madsen