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ISIS Katrinebjerg

Between 2003-2006 a considerable part of the research within the Alexandra Institute is carried out within the framework of the competence centre of ISIS Katrinebjerg. Read more.

Knowledge network for pervasive communication

The Alexandra Institute coordinates a new cross regional knowledge network for pervasive communication. Read more.


The Alexandra Institute acts as matchmaker between researchers and companies and establishes collaboration between public researchers, private companies and other organisations. The Alexandra Institute has developed concrete models for collaboration between researchers and the corporate sector and in the following these models are described in overall features.

The central point of research and development in the Alexandra Institute is pervasive computing.

Pervasive computing is the name for the trend, which is expected to become the next large technological wave following mobile phones and the Internet. Processing power is going to be incorporated in more and more of our everyday products and a still larger part of our surroundings. And products and surroundings will be able to communicate.