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Services of the Alexandra Institute

The primary function of the Alexandra Institute is to act as matchmaker between researchers and companies, that is to establish collaboration between public researchers, private companies and other organisations.

The Alexandra Institute provides research-based knowledge service. The central feature of research-based knowledge service is that the activities of the Institute connect research, new knowledge and technology with a commercial use. How this is to be carried out depends on the individual activity.

It is essential that projects organised by the Institute be based on an equal collaboration between researchers and companies. As regards courses and consultancy services they provide the latest knowledge from the research institutions, and teachers and consultants are usually researchers. Both courses and consultancy services cover knowledge that is only available in a research environment and cannot yet be provided by private course providers or consultancy firms.

The Alexandra Institute provides the following services:

  • Knowledge network
    Access to a large network of researchers, students and companies.
  • Idea generation
    Organisation of idea generation processes identifying new products inspired by the latest research and/or technology.
  • Research and development projects
    Organisation of public/private research and development projects for the benefit of both parties.
  • Project hotel
    Letting of offices in the project hotel located in the IT City of Katrinebjerg.
  • Technology transfer
    Assistance of technology transfer from research institutions to the corporate sector.
  • Professional networks
    Participation in professional networks where researchers and companies with joint interests share knowledge.
  • Courses
    Short-term research-based supplementary training courses.
  • Dissemination of research
    Dissemination of research results.
  • Consultancy services
    Dissemination of research-based consultancy services.
  • Marketing
    Marketing assignments – for instance of the IT competencies in the Århus region, Jutland-Funen and the members of the Institute.
  • Promotion of trade
    Trade promotion activities, primarily for the Århus region.
  • Job service
    Communication of job offers to IT students at a number of educational institutions.

The different services are offered to both members of the Alexandra Institute as well as non-members. Members have either free access to the services or are offered a discount.


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